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Inspired Creativity


Joe Longo is a Philadelphia based creative photographic content creator and a yoga and meditation instructor. Over the years Joe has been creating with some extremely inspiring people that it only seemed natural to start having conversations with these people to help inspire you and uplift our world. In the show, Joe and his guests discuss the creative process, how to stay inspired, and dig into finding tools, tips and tricks the listen can use. 



Dec 5, 2018

This week I'm talking with Bay Area Artist Jayashri. We have a great conversation about her art, design, life, and how it all come to be.  Jayashri is an  artist / designer  studied fine arts at  Columbus College of Art And Design. During that time she found her connection on the path of Bhakit Yoga.Her passion to create art and design work is where she finds her peace and understanding of her life's purpose as a visual artist.