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Inspired Creativity


Joe Longo is a Philadelphia based creative photographic content creator and a yoga and meditation instructor. Over the years Joe has been creating with some extremely inspiring people that it only seemed natural to start having conversations with these people to help inspire you and uplift our world. In the show, Joe and his guests discuss the creative process, how to stay inspired, and dig into finding tools, tips and tricks the listen can use. 



Nov 15, 2018

The money didn't matter, time didn't matter, it was just FUN! That my friends is how you turn your life, and profession into the same thing. Allow it to start with fun, keep feeding it and then watch it come to life. This week I'm talking with Osayi Osunde Owner and Co-Founder of Fit Academy. Osayi and I have a...

Nov 10, 2018

Enjoy a short guided meditation with Jennifer Schelter called The Filed 

This meditation is perfect for anyone who struggles with finding stillness. 

Meditation expands our capacity for self-awareness, vision and compassion, and is helpful for stress-relief, and wellbeing. The process of meditation strengthens the...

Nov 8, 2018

Today I talk with Jennifer Schelter about art, life, and following that little voice inside.

About Jennifer Studying the basics of Classical Theatre/Acting, Yoga and the Alexander Technique opened a whole new door for me. I began to develop self-awareness, interrupting the pattern of low self-esteem and beating myself...

Oct 31, 2018

This week I'm talking with Tom Morris the assistant athletic director for athletic performance and director of sports performance at Indiana University. Tom just might be one of the most inspiring people I know, this episode will inspire you to really start living the life you've been put on this earth to live.

Be sure...

Oct 24, 2018

Can you pack up your life and move into a van? 

This week I'm talking with Perry and Nicole O'hearn about following your bliss even if that means changing direction along the way. Perry is a fitness professional, a lifestyle architect and founder and owner of Philly Phitness in the Rittenhouse area of Philadelphia and...